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A gingerbread-hued Cameroon wrapper leaf embraces a plump recipe of premium Nicaraguan tobaccos aged to perfection. Notes of chestnuts, coffee beans, and baking spices mingle before a zesty and sweet conclusion layers the palate in a profound finale. Fans of fat cigars with the sweet, woody taste Cameroon wrappers are famous for should look no further than Nub Cameroon.

A reddish-brown wrapper is harvested in Ecuador from Cuban-seeds and blended over Nicaraguan binder and filler tobaccos. Its peppery short profile reveals hints of maple and salt in each shape before a tantalizing finish resonates on the palate (click here). Nub Habano is a touch more intense than the Connecticut and Cameroon blends.

Smoky, woody notes of earth, cocoa, mesquite, black currant, and espresso beans punctuate a 90-rated blend. Because Nub cigars are thick, their flavors won’t concentrate with as much vigor as traditional formats. Nub Maduro is a great cigar to smoke with a strong cup of coffee or a glass of vintage port.

Cain cigars are well known for their intensity and their value. Cain Nub packs the palate-searing taste of classic Cain cigars into the short compact shape of Nub. If you like strong, peppery cigars in a short size, add Cain Nub to your rotation. The 90-rated cigar comes in Nicaraguan, Habano, and Maduro wrappers and is loaded with notes of hickory, cayenne, black pepper, and leather in every puff.

Because the fat shape of Nub was such a hit, the folks at Oliva decided to create a collection for fans of flavored cigars. Each edition is infused with authentic coffee flavors. Single Roast is a creamy Cappuccino blend. Double Roast delivers milky notes of caramel and chocolate like a Macchiato.

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If Nub is tempting your taste buds in every conceivable way, consider one of our top-selling Nub samplers. All four classic Nub blends are represented in the Nub 8-Cigar Sampler and in the 20-cigar Nub ‘Stub Club’ Monster Deal. Tour the tenacious taste of Cain in the 15-cigar Cain Nub ‘Troll’s Envy’ Sampler.

Save big by sampling Nub for the lowest prices in the country in one of our ultra-popular cigar assortments. No discussion of Nub is complete without mentioning Rocky Patel Mulligans Groundhog, an excellent alternative to classic Nub cigars for a fraction of the price. Rocky Patel’s love of short fat shapes motivated him to blend an inexpensive collection of plump 4 x 60 beauties.

The were created in Studio Tobac division of Oliva Cigar Co. NUB is a tremendously popular line of cigars and it is easy to see why. After learning from the Oliva family how cigars are rolled in Esteli, Nicaragua, Studio Tobac created NUB. NUB cigars are hand rolled by the Oliva Cigar Co and it is a concept that seeks to deliver only that most enjoyable part of the cigar.

5 to 4 inch point. All NUB cigars must exist within this window. No NUB is longer than 4 inches. Further adding to this complex theory, the ring gauges range from 56-66. The result is a range of smokes that have the same amount of tobacco as any Churchill or even Presidente.

uses a blend of Nicaraguan filler and binder and is available in an African Cameroon wrapper. This wrapper has a distinct flavor and character. The Cameroon wrapper is thin and toothy, yet it delivers a medium bodied smoke that is rich with notes of cedar and coffee. uses a blend of Nicaraguan filler and binder and is available in an Connecticut Shade wrapper.

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It remains a favorite of aficionados all over the world. You will be surprised at the mild but flavorful complexity this wrapper delivers in the large ring gauges. uses a blend of Nicaraguan filler and binder and is available in an Habano wrapper. Habano Wrapper has always been the wrapper of choice for Cuban cigar makers.

It is the most complex of all wrappers. The NUB Habano wrapper is grown in Nicaragua as are all the long-fillers in this rich blend. uses a blend of Nicaraguan filler and binder and is available in a Maduro wrapper. The NUB Maduro is wrapped in a dark and oily Maduro Wrapper making this NUB a more medium to full bodied smoke with rich flavors of espresso and earth.

Nub Cigars are produced by the Oliva Cigar Company, and are a premium handmade cigar. Nub Cigars are a short line of cigars that use a well-aged blend of tobacco, and feature a well-balanced smoking experience from start-to-finish. Made in Nicaragua, Nub Cigars are meticulously blended to perfection giving each cigar a rich flavor profile that is packed into a short stout cigar.